Artist Statement

As I exist in this world, I realize that inspiration comes to me when it so feels. I have created artwork about death, life, family, and turmoil. I examine the world through a magnified lens. Every inch of every surface, every feeling of every emotion deserves to be seen. Strong emotions prompt me to create. When I have no more words to describe the sharp pains of grief and loss, or the airiness after breaking down, I pour my thoughts into artwork. When there is nothing more to verbally say- I create. I am interested in exploring the issues of the world around me and the issues within myself as well. I always look forward to my audiences’ reactions, and at times I seek to find an idea that will shock others. I want to explore the idea of art being beautiful in an unconventional way. I am interested in creating unconventional pieces of art that challenge the idea of ‘normal artwork’. I aim to do this in mainly sculpture- by creating pieces with materials such as human hair. I have always been fascinated with sculptures created by found objects, as I find another type of beauty with taking junk and creating artwork. It just raises the question, when does junk create artwork? Is hair just hair?

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